Chạn Restaurant

Ga nuong com lam

Enjoy authentic famous dish in Mang Den “Ga nuong com lam” (grilled chicken with bamboo tube-rice) which is a famous specialty of the region. It was regarded as one of must-try dishes at our All Day dining restaurant “Chạn”.

Culinary quintessence – Awaken your appetite

With professionalism, creativity, and dedication, our team of accomplished chefs always serves diners delicious dishes that are hard to resist, like a work of art that encapsulates the great flavors of Mang Den. And don't forget to enjoy the specially curated wine list to spice up your meal! We are committed to ensuring that all ingredients are fresh, clean, and delivered daily by locals.

Opening hours

Open from 07:00 to 22:00 hours daily.
Our room services is available till 22:00 daily.